Thursday, September 26, 2013

Return 2013

Dear friends:  This space has sat virtually uninhabited for a long time and I am sorry for that.  I have a busy life at present--too busy-- and oddly so, given my lack of presence here, since much of that busyness involves writing, starting a writing group and thinking about...writing
It is my clear intention to continue posting here and I have, in fact, written several essays that I will post very soon.  The still need some 'tender, loving care' in the form of gentle editing but I hope they will offer something to you that is useful, thought-provoking and enabling of greater peace and centeredness, as that is always my aim.
In the meantime, and as a way of shifting gears, let's try a redux of a post that I am often asked to share once again in other venues and as a way of supporting the ideas I hope to continue to flesh out as I go along here.  Again, I am delighted that some of you still come here regularly to check on me--I'm fine and more than fine--and I will be writing here again very soon so, here once again, "A Free Range Famly"

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Ray Lovegrove said...

Looking forward Michelle :^)